Well Being

Massages and natural care

Your well being is the the priority in our establishement.  Our wellness centre is not the usual  standardized institute that somehow looks like a clinic, but an extension of the environment. The wellness centre at Les Moulins du Duc is located next to a pond surrounded by bambou, where you can also admire a magnificent centenarian japanese red maple tree : our wellness booths are as well protected as is the key to happiness.

An appointment with yourself

You may take a stroll in the woods and watch the surrounding nature as you walk towads our Wellbeing Centre, steps along the stream, surrounded by flocks of birds.  No car engines, far from the hustle and buzzle of city life : a break in paradise !

Care bookletTarifs de nos Soins corps et visages Cinq Mondes et Carole G 

Treats for everybody

Our Wellness Centre is open to everybody, whether hotel guests or not.

You can book your treatment every day between 9 to 12.00   and 14.00 to 20.00.

It is advisable to book in advance either by telephone on +33298965252 or e-mail reservation@hotel-moulins-du-duc.com

Bernard Cassiere

Spa-on water flow

After some time relaxing on one of the deckchairs, your can dive into the hotel’s big heated indoor swimming pool.  Big windows will allow you to keep the natural environment ,worthy of poems, within sight.

Take the opportunity of your stay to treat yourself into more relaxation and spend some time in our sauna.  Heat is a source of wellbeing and highly recommended to eliminate stress.

This relaxation  area for all, is open from 10.00 to 19.00 and stricly reserved for hotel guests only.  You will therefore need your keycard.   Children must always be accompanied by and adult.

The Duke of Mill